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Cracked e-Reader
Category: ROM data
Reference: x023
Closed (rejected) by: root.
Dirtie » 2006-03-30 00:44:42

I'm just wondering why the Rising Sun e-reader crack (the one that allows you to use it on a flash cart) isn't included in your cracked DAT? The only cracked e-reader dump I can find there is the Independent one (guessing it's you guys) - what exactly is cracked in this one?
xuom2 » 2006-03-30 05:27:25

i dont remember why we have that files in set. lol. i think they are simply save-fixed.
about the patcher, it's something different. it's a hack of the original ROM that allows you to play on flashcard. more PD stuff or hacked stuff than commercial release.
Dirtie » 2006-03-30 11:28:54

Hmm, I just want to know what's been changed in the iND cracked version. I've looked for a patch that generates that same CRC, but haven't found anything.

The funny thing is, that in VBA, when it first wants to "format the memory" or whatever, it sits there doing nothing (I assume it has frozen), where as the clean e-Reader dump (and the Rising Sun cracked one) both work fine.