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Redump - The Sun is in OUR Hand
Category: ROM data
Reference: 3463
Closed (accepted) by: root.
bigfred » 2004-05-13 17:57:53

RS's release is cracked, hacked, introed and everything else. Here comes the clean dump. Doesn't work of course, but who gives a damn... Cheers to "Eternity" - whoever you may be.
New crc: 9686C36B
And don't foget to update Power Pro Kun Pocket 6 - crc should be 023A9A75.
relax » 2004-05-13 23:05:27

Thanks for the redump!
The cracked one should be moved to the (yes) cracked dat.
Ewgf » 2004-05-15 16:36:00

Hi guys, I'm new hear :D
I have a problem with this rom (CRC 9686c36b) because when i try to start a new game an error message appear saying "SOLAR SENSOR IS BROKEN", so it isn't playable at all.
bigfred » 2004-05-15 18:15:26

That's because the rom in the dat is uncracked. When you want to play the game, you have to use Rising Sun's cracked release. However, if you REALLY want to play it, you have to buy the game - the cracked rom is just like cheating and far away from what the developers intended.
Ewgf » 2004-05-15 18:34:05

Ok, thanks a lot :D
Gallantmon » 2004-11-26 19:55:46

Could somebody post the patch to remove the intro, but still retain the crack for the cheat to work? Thanks!