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Closed (accepted) by: root.
yaocrash » 2003-11-14 02:16:44

Software Title: SWORD OF MAN
Game Serial: AGB-AVSE-USA
Maker: 01 - Nintendo
Version: 1.0
Logo Code: OK
Complement: 81
Save Type: FLASH512_V131 (512Kbit)
File Size: 128 mbit (16777216 bytes)
CRC32: 67D90F5D
Intro: YES
Dumper: MODE7
coolhj » 2003-11-14 14:30:32

Mode7,Don't try to modify the publisher's logo,that is useless.May you would have more luck next time.
bigfred » 2003-11-14 15:00:13

Good work! :)
This "intro" was really stupid. Editing graphics of a game and replacing the tile
with your logo... :o
What's the best way to edit tiles in GBA-roms? Never did it before. I downloaded some tools but they confused me a bit :o
MadBob » 2003-11-14 16:28:31

hey at least they are trying :) seems a shame that they won't just tag a simple startup screen, that looks professional and is easiliy removed, after all it WILL be removed no matter what.
instead they stick tacky two minute Paint Shop Pro image *sigh* and modify the game, which means it becomes another redump candidate.
Grim_Reaper » 2003-11-15 00:44:14

Mode 7 dumped this??? That really pisses me off, Eurasia should have dumped this and they wouldn't have put their gay intro for this one.
coolhj » 2003-11-15 04:14:54

This game's graphic is compressed with lz77 code,no tools can handle the compressed tile directly.That means you have to crack it .
bigfred » 2003-11-15 15:07:51

Thank you for the info! Maybe I'll deal with graphic-editing at some time.
Heiji1412 » 2003-11-16 00:52:09

Uh, after I patched it, the game crashes to a black screen after inputting the characters name!
Any help?
coolhj » 2003-11-16 03:29:14

I tested it on vba1.6a and everything is ok,no "crash" problem after patching.
Heiji1412 » 2003-11-16 03:54:57

Okay, if I select to not use the GBA BIOS file, it works...
But the unpatched version runs fine with or without the BIOS file... :s
coolhj » 2003-11-16 04:20:24

The bios you used is a bad one.I try this bad bios ,then it always crashes even I load the unpatched version.
Heiji1412 » 2003-11-16 06:17:17

Ah, it works!!!