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Category: ROM data
Reference: 3293
Closed (accepted) by: root.
calbee » 2003-12-04 19:42:29

Size : 64 mbit (8388608 bytes)
CRC : 233211BF
Intro: ???
Dumper : Mode7
Not work on VBA, need a Crack
bigfred » 2003-12-04 20:02:26

nuked! Underdump!
PInkie » 2003-12-05 02:10:45

Software Title: THE SIMS ADV
Game Serial: AGB-ASIE-USA
Maker: 69 - Electronic Arts
Version: 1.0
Logo Code: OK
Complement: 88
Save Type: EEPROM_V124
File Size: 128 mbit (16777216 bytes)

here are some info in m7-simf.nfo
Sorry guys, the previous dump was bad, but here is the working one.
Dopefish » 2003-12-05 10:46:30

Yeah! Finally it's out!!! Hope Mode7 did not mess up their 2nd release of this awesome game... No intro or is it hidden? I also have the CRC32 ABAF519C. Hope this one is the *original* game though.