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graphical errors - bad dump?
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coolhj » 2003-07-19 11:41:55

A web-friend of mine told me that #1012 has graphical errors.

Here is the message he quoted:
New Trainer Fix Patch made by Cezar for Wario Ware, Inc. (EUR). The original dump has graphical errors on the last stage caused by the trainer, you can use this or use patch #2 by A600 if you want a clean rom both patches fixes the error.

So, what do you think?
bigfred » 2003-07-19 11:47:55

We already have the rom with A600's patch applied. So there aren't any glitches anymore :)
coolhj » 2003-07-19 11:52:55

But after the new patch,the CRC is 8eea49e7.
In the offlinelist's dat,the CRC of #1012 is 8eea49e7 too.
bigfred » 2003-07-19 13:06:55

I tested a little. It's the fixed dump with patch applied. Our is the first release patched. The rom with crc 8eea49e7 is just an intro-disabled rom. Ours is intro-removed.
PInkie » 2003-07-19 13:29:55


Wario Ware, Inc. (EUR)(mu5)(with trainer +3) released by Cezar, 64 mbit with sram save. (crc:3c393802)

Trainer Fix Patch made by Cezar for Wario Ware, Inc. (EUR). The original dump has graphical errors on the last stage caused by the trainer

Trainer Remove Patch made by A600 for 0998 Wario Ware, Inc. (EUR). Totally removes the trainer.

1+2+3=clean dump

1012 - Wario Ware Inc.
3c393802 -> 8EEA49E7
bigfred » 2003-07-19 13:38:55

A600 made the patch before cezar fixed the release.
When applied over the fixed release you get the crc 8EEA49E7 and the trainer
will still be in the rom.
coolhj » 2003-07-19 15:26:55

bigfred is right.

nointro dat crc:500ca178
offlinelist dat crc:8eea49e7

I'v checked these two roms with hexediter , 500ca178+trainer=8eea49e7 ,no other differences.

If 8ee49e7 is good,then the only explanation is that the trainer contains a crack,whitout this trainer the rom will get graphical errors.

If not,500ca178 is clean and good.
Replouf66 » 2003-07-19 23:58:10

I'm the creator of OfflineList.
I have tested the rom and the rom 500ca178 have graphical problem somewhere in the last level (game like mario bros)
And with the crc 8eea49e7 all are ok !!
Perhaps the rom contains the trainer but without graphical bug !! And I think it's better too have a game working ;)
bigfred » 2003-07-20 11:41:15

I just tested the rom with crc 500ca178. I unlocked all stages with codebreaker and tested the mario bros-game. No glitches. The first release had glitches obviously because of a changed jump-instruction in the rom that checked for the intro so it couldn't be removed. They fixed the release by changing the jump back. A600 already did the same with his patch.
Replouf66 » 2003-07-20 14:56:15

why doesn't function for me ? I will make the test again.