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 Remove x103 - Daigassou! Band-Brothers DX (Japan) (Wii Speaker Channel Addon) from NDS DAT
Argument: Naming , Reference: generic , Closed by: root
kazumi213 @ 2008-07-14 06:13:19

It is software for the Wii.
kiczek @ 2008-07-16 20:40:59

This piece of Wii Software is an Addon for the NDS. It is able to be downloaded to your Wii using a Code you get when you buy the NDS Game. If Nintendo wants to package NDS games with Wii Software then No-Intro should as well. Since this release is a WAD and is quite small i think it should be included. If we were talking about a Wii Game that comes with a NDS card as an addon then maybe this would be a different story.
kazumi213 @ 2008-07-17 04:24:18

Size is not relevant.

DAT for a given system only includes data about code aimed at and driven by that system hardware. I have yet to find an exception to this on No-Intro DATs that I know.

To be consistant with this request I've recently suggested again the removal of "Dog Trainer" titles from GBA DAT, as they where aimed at the NDS, much like the "Daigassou" expansion cart.