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Argument: Naming , Reference: generic , Closed by: root
DoctorJ @ 2010-07-09 05:49:10

By the Korean-Romanize rule (

the rule 1-1 is
"korean-romanize should follow the standard pronunciation rule."

in korean the pronunciation for the last consonant is limited to these 7
"ㄱ(g/t), ㄴ(n), ㄷ(d/t), ㄹ(r/l), ㅁ(m), ㅂ(b/p), ㅇ(ng)"

so the word "못(말리는)" or "못(말려)" should be changed from "mos-" to "mon-"
"5049 - Monmallineun 3-gongjuwa Hamkkehaneun - Geurimyeonsang Yeongdaneo Amgibeop (Korea)"
"4194 - Jjangguneun Monmallyeo - Cinemaland Chalkak Chalkak Daesodong! (Korea) [b]"
"2504 - Jjangguneun Monmallyeo DS - Alssongdalssong Keureyong Daejakjeon! (Korea)"

and if "ㅎ" is the last consonant followed by vowel it became silent
e.g. "좋아지는"
so it should be
"1340 - Meoriga Joajineun Sudoku 10000 Mun (Korea)"

P.S. I recommand a on-line korean-romanizer

1. put korean in the editbox
2. check the 4th radio button
3. press the left button "바꾸기" which means "change"
(the right button "창닫기" means "close"

each radio button means(by the order left to right)
"인명" = "Name"
"고유명사" = "Proper Noun"
"행정구역" = "Area and Number of Administrative Units"
"일반" = "Normal"
"학술응용" = "for scientific research"
"모두" = "all"
kazumi213 @ 2010-07-09 13:02:41

Thanks for your interest DoctorJ. I have zero knowledge of Korean, except for basic guidelines in order to be able to manage the romanization of korean titles for our DATs. What I mean, I just try to do my best :)

We follow "Revision Romanization of Korean" in order to romanize hangul/hanja titles:

I have to admit that I've not studied it enough to be skilled with exceptions, so I rely on the following engine: ("KR-to-MCT" button) for the romanization, since it claims to follow the "RRK" method above.

You are right, and 5049 is romanized as you indicate ("Mon-") by engine. However please note that then the hangul that match that romanization (try that engine with korean title for 5049 to see what I mean) aren't the same as the entered ones. I detected this quite some time ago, so I watch for this and apply corrections to romanization in order for the hangul to match.

In fact if you enter "못" alone in that engine, then the result still doesn't match (it gives "Mot", which is still incorrect, the returned hangul doesn't match). So I tought that it could be engine limitations.

If you can check Korean titles and suggest corrected romanization *which follow RRK*, they will be welcome ;)
DoctorJ @ 2010-07-09 16:40:36

Yes you are right about "못(mot)"

these are the basic rules to pronounce last consonant

in korean the pronunciation for a final consonant is limited to 7
"ㄱ(g/k), ㄴ(n), ㄷ(d/t), ㄹ(r/l), ㅁ(m), ㅂ(b/p), ㅇ(ng)"

and if the final consonant is at the last of a word or infront of a consonant(not vowel)
"ㄲ ㅋ" sould be pronounced as "ㄱ(g/k)"
"ㅅ ㅆ ㅈ ㅊ ㅌ" as "ㄷ(d/t)"
"ㅍ" as "ㅂ(b/p)"
"ㄳ" as "ㄱ(g/k)"
"ㄵ" as "ㄴ(n)"
"ㄼ, ㄽ, ㄾ" as "ㄹ(r/l)" (밟- and 넓- have some exceptions)
"ㅄ" as "ㅂ(b/p)"
"ㄺ, ㄻ, ㄿ" as "ㄱ, ㅁ, ㅂ" for each

and plus "ㅎ" is very complex. so you'd better depend on the online changer
the engine is very reliable(correct) and gives you the explanations why it should be romanized to like that
(though the explanation is in korean)

anyway usally "못" should be "mot" but "못말-" is an excetion
when "ㅅ" becomes the last consonant followed by "ㅁ"
it pronoumnced as "ㄴ(n)" so "못" alone becomes "mot"
but "못말-" should be "monmal-"
DoctorJ @ 2010-07-09 16:49:09

the online changer follows the RRK(it's korean goverment standard)
and follows the korean standard pronunciation rules
so you can rely on it :)

P.S. I checked other 150+ korean roms briefly with my knowledge (not thoroughly with the engine)
It seems like there are no more errors
kazumi213 @ 2010-07-10 12:22:46

Ok, thank you DoctorJ. Please let us know when you find more errors.