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 Meine Tierpension 2
Argument: Naming , Reference: 3148 , Closed by: root
nrl_quaker @ 2008-10-01 05:18:14

It should be naimed My Pet Hotel 2, because it's Europe region, not German.
kazumi213 @ 2008-10-01 15:39:53

The German title is used until it is found that this "P" serial is available outside of Germany. Many German games use "P" serial and contain English language, but are only available in Germany. Plus we are still missing the "X" serial from this family, which could also contain English and be the one available outside Germany.
nrl_quaker @ 2008-10-01 16:07:20

then maybe you should change region from Europe to German?
kazumi213 @ 2008-10-02 04:12:34

Again, not until we are reasonabily sure it is Germany-only. It has an Europe serial and features 2 languages. Don't worry, all this kind of titles are internally listed and will be eventually revised.