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Argument: Naming , Reference: generic , Closed by: root
hkA @ 2009-06-18 04:42:48

0794 - Keiba Navi - Uma no Suke (Japan)
2027 - Keiba Techou - Uma no Suke 2 (Japan)

0794 - Keiba Navi - Umanosuke (Japan)
2027 - Keiba Techou - Umanosuke 2 (Japan)

"-のすけ" is often used as a name in Japan.
"野原 しんのすけ(Nohara Shinnosuke)" :Crayon Shin-chan Leading part
"立川 志の輔(Tatekawa Shinosuke)" :"落語家"(Comic storyteller?)
"佐々木 蔵之介(Sasaki Kuranosuke)" :Actor

"Umanosuke" is a name of the horse drawn in Boxart or URL.
In this case, I think that "Umanosuke" is more appropriate.

Keiba Navi - Umanosuke
Official URL:

Keiba Techou - Umanosuke 2
Official URL:
kazumi213 @ 2009-06-19 04:38:56

Are you sure that "Umanosuke" is the name of the horse?
These games seems to be some kind of horse race manager/assistant. Could it be

馬の助 (Uma no Suke) (Horse's Assistance)?
hkA @ 2009-06-19 06:34:24

"馬の助" This explanation is also reasonable.
It seems that the meaning is had from the content of the game.
However, the explanation doesn't exist anywhere.

Please confirm the image of official URL.
"ビールを片手に笑ううまのすけ まるで宴会係長のようだ。"
(This horse has the beer in one hand and it laughs at the expression. )
(Tempted "Umanosuke".)
(There might be blue "Umanosuke".
This illustration clearly explains "うまのすけ"(Umanosuke)".

I see the mascot character the horse to which these were deformed.
And, it is called, those all are "うまのすけ".
Therefore, I am convinced of this horse's name, "Umanosuke".

Is the above-mentioned explanation insufficient?