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 "Wagan" is official.
Argument: Naming , Reference: 3341 , Closed by: root
hkA @ 2009-06-08 10:16:52

"Wagan" is official.
"Wagan" is a proper noun. It is not romanized.
For instance "ゴジラ" is Godzilla , "ワギャン" is Wagan.

The original of Wagan is a Arcade Machine manufactured in 1987.
WAGAN-LAND is written in the developer's comment in this PDF.

Why official URL is Wagyan is not understood.
However, I guess that I adopted Wagyan that is a comprehensible word for the consumer.
Because there is no Wagan in famous now.
kazumi213 @ 2009-06-08 13:44:08

All japanese boxart displaying "ゴジラ" and not explitly using "Godzilla" should be changed to "Gojira". It is both the correct Hepburn romanization and the intended japanese word:

Gojira (ゴジラ) = Gorilla (ゴリラ) + Kujira (くじら)

I will change the Japanese GBA game title accordingly.

Regarding Wagan/Wagyan, again, and more important that the fact that the DS official game site URL uses "Wagyan" is the still unanswered question: why not simply using ワガン if the "Wagan" reading/spelling is the intended one?

Also, please note that all pics in your last link are named "wagyan".

I will keep "Wagyan" since it is the correct transliteration according to our romanization rules.
hkA @ 2009-06-09 14:57:55

I see of "Gojira/Godzilla" change.
The home country is given to priority when there are a foreign word and Japanese.
Is it correct in this recognition?

About presented URL.
URL other than PDF are unofficial.
The important one is only an picture image.
It is not significant to the picture file name of the unofficial blog.

I think that I should attach importance to official URL.
The Web site is made from Flash.
However, please note that other directory names and the official picture file names are uncertain.
When the official picture file name for the character is "Wagyan", I think that "Wagyan" is accurate for this title.
But, it is only displayed in the character introduction of the Web site as "ワギャン". There is not spelling of "Wagyan" anywhere.
The player character name of "NDS ワギャン(Wagyan) series" doesn't necessarily become "Wagyan".

3341 - Hirameki Action - Chibikko ワギャン no Ooki na Bouken (Japan)
"ワギャン" in this title is not used to express the series name and the outlook on the world.
"ワギャン" as the character name is clearly specified.

Please read Namco official PDF carefully.
The mark of ワギャン[WAGAN] looks like the writing of the dictionary.
This is a parody in the monster movie poster of old Japan.

In this case, [WAGAN] is written as a spelling that intends a foreign word.
The character name of "Wagan" need not be read by romanized word.
It is appropriate to be used as a foreign word.

I think that it is appropriate to use "Wagan" that has been written for 22 years or more because the character name of "ワギャン" is not presented as Wagyan even if another intention is in Wagyan.

It should be written like "Yoshi", "Stafy", and "Kirby", etc. as "Wagan".

Though this is not an answer because it is a personal idea,
The possibility that there is a problem in the trademark right is guessed to the reason why Wagan is not used.
The trademark of "ワギャン" in Japan is "ワギャン", "ワギャンランド", and has neither "WAGAN" nor "WAGAN LAND".
There was no concrete information though it investigated because it was few that the trademark problem became a topic in Japan.
kazumi213 @ 2009-06-09 16:58:12

>>I see of "Gojira/Godzilla" change.
>>The home country is given to priority when there are a foreign word and Japanese.
>>Is it correct in this recognition?

Yes it is correct under these circumstances:

- There aren't other explicit words on boxart indicating the expected reading (like "Fire Spirits" in the B-Daman discussion), and

- The kanas/kanji represent a Japanese word. If they are trying to reproduce the reading of a non-japanese (foreign) word, we use the correct spelling of the foreign word (like in the "Power Pro" discussion).

"Gojira" is the original name (Japanese film, 1954), and it has a Japanese etymology. When the film was exported to USA, the name "Godzilla" appeared. So "Gojira" is not trying to reproduce the "Godzilla" reading. It is the other way. And because "Godzilla" is not used on GBA Japanese boxart, then "Gojira" is the correct romanization for "ゴジラ".

>>About presented URL.
>>URL other than PDF are unofficial.
>>The important one is only an picture image.
>>It is not significant to the picture file name of the unofficial blog.

Yes, I understand. Of course, the use of "wagyan" in filenames of an unofficial blog is not conclusive, but I think that it is at least significative because it is a japanese blog.

As I said, the official NDS site URL is not really important. It can be wrong, but it spells "wagyan" as expected...

What I maintain is that "Wagan" results from the usage of different romanization rules, more relaxed. According to Hepburn, all boxarts read "Wagyan", not "Wagan", that's it.
hkA @ 2009-06-10 14:41:47

I see.
"Wagyan" is better for the rule.