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 Missing Encrypted Hashes
Argument: ROM data , Reference: generic , Closed by: root
Skoobie Du @ 2009-05-31 11:39:37

Encrypted CRC32, MD5, and SHA1 hashes are missing for the roms listed below, and this causes CM to fail during loading of the dat.

Contra 4 (Europe) (Proto)
MK6-Motion (World) (Unl)
Skoobie Du @ 2009-06-01 12:02:10

I forgot the numbers:

x083 - MK6-Motion (World) (Unl)
x085 - Contra 4 (Europe) (Proto)
kazumi213 @ 2009-06-02 06:50:30

x083 - MK6-Motion (World) (Unl)
x085 - Contra 4 (Europe) (Proto)

Thanks for reporting. Both are missing "encrypted" hashes because they cannot be determined.

For x085 - Contra 4 (Europe) (Proto) it is because the ROM is already encrypted and cannot be decrypted (at least in the expected, standard way).

x083 - MK6-Motion (World) (Unl) is "not-encrypted", but it is probably a bad dump/custom hacking approach for that unlicensed device (it is not reported as properly decrypted, just not encrypted either).

I will simply use current "decrypted" hashes as the encrypted ones too. I can't really come to a better solution.