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 GBA cartridges in NDS DAT
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PId @ 2009-03-24 09:25:39


I just noticed that those 3 entrys are actually GBA entries according to their file extension:

Daigassou! Band-Brothers - Request Selection (Japan) (Expansion Cartridge).gba
Dog Trainer (Europe) (Cheat Cartridge) (Unl).gba
Dog Trainer 2 (Europe) (Cheat Cartridge) (Unl).gba

I guess they are listed in the NDS DAT because they are related to a NDS game and wouldn't work alone. Still, I think they should be listed in GBA instead for consistence reaons: GBA cartridges in GBA DAT, NDS cartridges in NDS Dat.

We don't add the GBA Pokemon games to NDS just because they also work as expansion cartridges for the NDS Pokemon games. And what about Guitar Hero on Tour and the Nintendo Browser? We don't discard those, just because they are useless without their GBA extensions.

Kind regards,
kazumi213 @ 2009-03-25 06:29:16

Those 3 titles are not related to but *aimed* at NDS.

GBA Pokemon games or any other GBA game with GBA-DS linkage capabilities were originally intended for GBA. Linkage feature was worked out on the DS-game side.

I can't see what's the point in your GH and Browser comment.