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 Better looking sub-subtitles
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Pixel_Crusher @ 2014-07-08 19:09:55

I've been thinking for a while on how we could make games that present a second subtitle look more appealing in terms of presentation while keeping functional integrity. Here's a brief example:

Batman - Arkham Origins - Blackgate

I understand that this is the only possible way because the OSes naming system won't allow ":". Here's what I mean:

Batman: Arkham Origins - Blackgate

I did, however, find an interesting and alternative way of doing this without compromising anything. It is something of which I ran across multiple japanese visual novels in which the developers decide to add a second subtitle to the game's title. Yet again, another example:

Batman - Arkham Origins -Blackgate-

I would like to hear opinions on this matter. Pardon me if my english sounds sketchy.