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 Ratatouille (Europe)
Argument: Naming , Reference: 3446 , Closed by: root
Connie @ 2009-02-28 13:28:09


I'm wondering if this is an Australian region cart because of the 'U' serial. However, according to the xenophobia NFO:

"Serial is reported as NTR-ALWU-??? and CRC32 is E0EA15B2h, this differs from any of the versions currently out. Dumped in the good ole UK." would this make it a (Australia, UK)? or possibly (Australia, Europe)? if it's verified elsewhere in Europe.
kazumi213 @ 2009-03-01 04:50:59

UK releases use (Europe) tag until (United Kingdom) tag implementation.

I'm not sure whether this ALWU serial has been confirmed for Australia. In any case UK + Australia = Europe according to convention, so current tagging is safe.

There won't be (United Kingdom, Australia) tag. Country lists in country tag are allowed only when including main regions and countries not usually matching releases for that main region. Australia releases usually match Europe ones.
Connie @ 2009-03-01 06:49:51

Then what makes this "3330 - V8 Supercars Australia 3 - Create & Race" an Australian release rather than a (Europe)?

It has the usual M5 euro languages - (En,Fr,De,Es,It)
kazumi213 @ 2009-03-01 11:12:58

Its serial.
Connie @ 2009-03-02 05:52:16

That statement alone can't hold true though.

I've already given you the example of Ratatouille using a 'U' serial which you tag as Europe. My theory is that 'U' is for Australia and that they are also used in the UK/Europe.

Why add M5 languages and MPH/KPH to "V8 Supercars Australia 3 - Create & Race" if it's only for Australia?

Can anyone verify whether or not this 'U' serial version of Ratatouille exists outside of the UK?
zg @ 2009-03-02 07:45:24

why m9 for usa games if it only for usa?
kazumi213 @ 2009-03-02 07:57:01

Connie, -U serial is the Australia serial, period.

Ratatouille -U being sold in UK is an oddity. I didn't add that entry and I don't know wheter UK and AUS availability has been confirmed. I guess that it was tagged (Europe) because of NFO (read your first post) but I assume this was verified too (i.e. you should be able to). Otherwise it should be tagged (Australia).

In the event of confirmed availability in both UK and AUS, using (Europe) is correct. (Europe) is also correct if UK-only until UK tag implementation.
zg @ 2009-03-02 10:39:52

my opinion, before european box scan with ALWU serial doesnt' exists, game region tag must be changed to australia.
kazumi213 @ 2009-03-02 15:42:03

Relax has just confirmed me that [ALWU] is/was available in both UK and Australia, so current (Europe) tagging is correct. Relax already checked this back in october 2007.