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 romanization / tamagotch vs. tamagotchi
Argument: Naming , Reference: generic , Closed by: root
zorted @ 2009-02-08 09:50:31

I read the post about the rational behind using tamagotch, but in other posts (e.g. you argue for a specific writing using hepburn romanization and on the box of all the tamagotchi games, comics, movies, etc. it says "tamago[tsu]chi" (=> tamagotchi/tamagocchi).
so I would like to propose to revert the name change (back to tamagotchi) and always use tchi or cchi for っち. (#3057 uses "Tamagotch no Kira Kira Omisecchi", that's almost somewhat schizophrenic.)

if you keep tamagotch, one could argue it should also be omisetch, instead of omisecchi, because it's a spiel of the tamagotchis to put 'cchi' behind words (thus mise => misecchi) and since that stems from their name, it should be handled similarly.

in the end I guess there are reasons for using tamagotch, but it just looks wrong to me. I don't expect you to change it back, but at least reconsider it. :)
kazumi213 @ 2009-02-08 10:34:02

The cited issue has nothing to do with the "tamagotchi" question. The reasons behind using "tamagotch" vs "tamagocchi" (according to Hepburn) are on the "Tamagotchi" discussion. I couldn't find evidence to apply those to "omisecchi" too.

You should note that the ending "i" in "tamagocchi" and "omisecchi" are almost muted in spoken japanese even when they are written.

While there are reasons to remove the ending "i" when transliterating "tamagocchi", there aren't for "omisecchi" (and there aren't reasons to use "omisetchi" either)
kazumi213 @ 2009-02-08 11:04:23

Ok, sorry, I was missing this:

Double consonants

* Double (or "geminate") consonants are marked by doubling the consonant following the sokuon, っ, except for sh→ssh, ch→tch, ts→tts.

So it should be transliterated "omisetchi". In fact internal name for 3057 reads "KR OMISETCHI"