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 Redump of 3783 Pokemon - Platin-Edition (Germany) [b]
Argument: Generic , Reference: 3783 , Closed by: root
MPN @ 2012-09-04 12:00:56

Hi, i just found this game, dumped it and saw that it was different than the one in the database. I assume it has correct header compared to the bad one.

File: CPUDv00.nds
Media Serial: NTR-CPUD-NOE
Region: Germany
Dump date: 2012-07-16
Dump Tool: wooddumper r85 wifi
Size: 134217728
Decrypted CRC32: 37e9d9e5
Decrypted MD5: 7df356ef2030406b78d4aec30b0e65d1
Decrypted SHA-1: d40f19ac24d67c721a4ab25e1c013154443d75b4
Encrypted CRC32: 6aaba44f
Encrypted MD5: 7feac4d4ce0d54fc3c98f2ef3689603d
Encrypted SHA-1: 9d3ec9ed123bc17e0991277d08a77c9046bb727d
MPN @ 2012-09-08 14:18:05

Sorry, I used the wrong tool do generate the encrypted values.
These are generated with woodsec.

Encrypted CRC32: 53c72011
Encrypted MD5: 09e2f7edcab7253cd519b31ea1e31cf6
Encrypted SHA-1: 5ba5817c2a438219ed83c47d7287dea3a3ebd936