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 Why "NDSi" flag instead of "DSi"?
Argument: Naming , Reference: generic , Closed by: root
hydr0x @ 2009-07-17 09:49:50

Why is the tag named (NDSi Enhanced) ? It should be (DSi Enhanced), shouldn't it?
kazumi213 @ 2009-07-17 10:47:24

System name is

Nintendo DSi

not DSi alone.
hydr0x @ 2009-07-17 11:31:19

What kind of reasoning is that. We didn't tag the 32X back when it was part of MD as S32X either and I'm sure there are more examples. Besides, Nintendo themselves use "DSi" as a short form and not "NDSi". Quickest example I could find was this URL ( See how it's not ?
kazumi213 @ 2009-07-17 12:11:17

I can't speak for Sega systems, and name abbreviations are merely that, even when generally accepted. There are

Nintendo Entertainment System by Nintendo
Super Nintendo Entertainment System by Nintendo
Nintendo 64 by Nintendo
Game Boy family by Nintendo
Nintendo DS(i) by Nintendo
(Amiga by Commodore)

NDS DAT should be "Nintendo - Nintendo DS" btw.
xuom2 @ 2009-07-17 14:03:09

In the page you link: the "Nintendo DSi" logo has "Nintendo" as part of the graphic.
Every DSi word on that page is never left alone, there is always Nintendo: "access the Nintendo DSi Shop", "Purchase a new Nintendo DSi system", "Nintendo DSi Points", "Nintendo DSi-exclusive games", "For more info on Nintendo DSi", "visit", "must accept the Nintendo DSi User Agreement", "Nintendo DSi logo".
hydr0x @ 2009-07-17 16:57:34

I know the device's name is Nintendo DSi. What I'm saying is that not even Nintendo shortens this to NDSi but rather DSi (see the URL, like I said).
xuom2 @ 2009-07-17 17:08:31

true. but the decision should not be taken on URLs :P