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 It's time to redump and reconfirm the NDS's BIOS
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leekindo @ 2008-05-30 17:27:22

Hi,all.There is new DS BIOS Dumper coding by Ryan FB. It's match the information on GBATEK.

Internal Memory
4096KB Main RAM (8192KB in debug version)
96KB WRAM (64K mapped to NDS7, plus 32K mappable to NDS7 or NDS9)
60KB TCM/Cache (TCM: 16K Data, 32K Code) (Cache: 4K Data, 8K Code)
656KB VRAM (allocateable as BG/OBJ/2D/3D/Palette/Texture/WRAM memory)
4KB OAM/PAL (2K OBJ Attribute Memory, 2K Standard Palette RAM)
248KB Internal 3D Memory (104K Polygon RAM, 144K Vertex RAM)
?KB Matrix Stack, 48 scanline cache
8KB Wifi RAM
256KB Firmware FLASH (512KB in iQue variant, with chinese charset)
36KB BIOS ROM (4K NDS9, 16K NDS7, 16K GBA)

So I think we should redump and reconfirm the NDS's BIOS.
And there is my DS (iQue DS Lite) BIOS's information.Dump on AK2 & R4.The same results.


Size: 4096
CRC32: 2ab23573
MD5: a392174eb3e572fed6447e956bde4b25
SHA1: bfaac75f101c135e32e2aaf541de6b1be4c8c62d


Size: 16384
CRC32: 1280f0d5
MD5: df692a80a5b1bc90728bc3dfc76cd948
SHA1: 24f67bdea115a2c847c8813a262502ee1607b7df
kazumi213 @ 2008-05-31 20:42:01

I redumped both NDS BIOSes from my EUR NDSL quite some time ago using cory1492's DSBF_dump. My results matched those in No-Intro NDS DAT (same as yours).

I also redumped the GBA BIOS in my EUR NDSL and my USA GBASP using DarkFader and tepples BIOS dumper for GBAMP. My results matched those on the linked page. I used M3CF to dump both.

The GBA BIOS dump from GBAx match No-Intro's "[BIOS] Game Boy Advance (Japan) (TS2)". Since my GBASP was from USA I suggested a rename from (Japan) to (Japan, USA), but I'm sure it would be safe to use (World).

The GBA BIOS dump from NDSx is not yet included on No-Intro DATs. It just differs 1 byte from the GBAx dump, probably to account for the platform jump (Dopefish).
leekindo @ 2008-06-01 04:21:46

Great thanks to kazumi213.I had dumped the firmware of my iQue DS Lite.Now, no$gba can run my ique game on my PC.
love77 @ 2008-07-06 06:45:17

Bios of iQue are different from others. Cause it contains a large Chinese font lib :D