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 x103 - Daigasso Band Brothers DX (JAP) (Wii Channel)
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kiczek @ 2008-07-04 22:35:00


Since this is a Wii Addon for a Nintendo DS game it should be included with the NDS dat

x102 Daigasso Band Brothers DX (JAP) (Wii Speaker Channel Addon)

Just like how

x007 - Dog Trainer (Europe) (Cheat Cartridge) (Unl)
x041 - Dog Trainer 2 (Europe) (Cheat Cartridge) (Unl)

are included
kazumi213 @ 2008-07-06 20:28:00

A bit late, but I don't agree. This isn't code to be run on the NDS hardware.
kiczek @ 2008-07-08 03:56:00

When you buy the commercial game you get a code to download this Wii Channel it's an Addon for a Nintendo DS Game and should be included especially since the size is teeny tiny
kazumi213 @ 2008-07-08 13:17:00

You need a Wii to run this code. It's a Wii Channel, no matter that it's currently intended as an addon for a NDS game. Otherwise we should add "My Pokemon Ranch", "Pokemon Battle Revolution" and all GBA games that feature NDS-GBA linkage capabilities. They all can also be regarded as addons to the corresponding NDS games.
Lukeage @ 2008-07-09 09:23:18

Whether is should be in the dat or not based on what it is, it shouldn't be in the dat for the fact it isn't a 'clean' dump. I assume they have repacked the files into the wad after extracting them from the Wii, and even if they have somehow managed to intercept the wad while it was downloading (assuming nintendo distributes wads from the server, I've no idea about this), they have modified the wad by making it region free.