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 x200 - Aging Card NTR (World)
Languages: English
P/C relationship: Parent with no clones.

2016-01-25 [INFO]

Datfile snippet
x200 - Aging Card NTR (World).nds
  Serial: NTRJ
  Size: 8388608
  Hash: D912301A
  Size: 0
  Hash: 0
 x200 - Aging Card NTR (World).md5

 x200 - Aging Card NTR (World).sfv

Dump sources
Type: Trusted Dump
Media Serial: -
Region: World
Dump date: 2017-07-18
Dump Tool: GodMode9-20170809-235158
File: x200 - Aging Card NTR (World).nds
  Size: 8388608
  MD5: A7A6166289350DA3C48DBEA406E3DCA0
  CRC32: D912301A  
Comment: Secure area not used.
Media front image: media
Media back image: media

Scene releases
NFO File: ind-ntr
Group: Independent
Released: 2011-06-25
Section: Bad
Comment: Web repack. Cart came with save file with CRC32 of e34c61c3
File: x200 - Aging Card NTR (World).nds
  Size: 8388608
  MD5: 3D88C02388DCAD5CE9AE6B96FBB4E9D7
  CRC32: B7F1A15E