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Decrypted: Not verified
Encrypted: Not verified
 6716 - Flunkene Pirater (Denmark)
Languages: Danish
P/C relationship: Parent. Its clone(s): 6430

Scene dump(s)
NFO File: cat-bfeq
Group: Pussycat
Released: 2018-07-22
Datter: SonGoku
Format: Decrypted
6716 - Flunkene Pirater (Denmark).nds
  Size: 67108864
  CRC32: 1FAA70E4 
  MD5: 4A6D8BC47DC38D88DFA0D0EDE38F7435
  SHA-1: 2A197801A4EEB8A152FF1D2BF408DCAC4535273B
  Serial: BFEQ
Format: Encrypted
6716 - Flunkene Pirater (Denmark).nds
  Size: 67108864
  CRC32: 0117EC7D 
  MD5: D35BD802B62E8D86FAD16CB5930DC5C5
  SHA-1: A64680F7AF7528589E0D2A6230B2A5579570184A
  Serial: BFEQ

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